More facts about Thailand

March 14, 2007

Day 2. Tuesday 06.03.2007
Bath-mat says ‘WELCOME’, we notice. Wake at dawn for strolling around town for sights and orientation and edification. Lots of wats and sweating. Grand palace tour. It’s truly astonishing how quickly one is overwhelmed by the incredible craftspersonship and scale and grandeur and age and beauty and your thoughts turn to ‘when will I stop dehydrating violently and where can I find a cold beer and aircon?’…

To cool down we go back to the streets to be fleeced by cunning tuk-tuk drivers. Travelling by tuk-tuk has to be the best way of drying sweat whilst travelling ever. Lunch at the highly recommended Krua Apsorn on Th. Samsen of papaya salad and crab omelette and beer kept cold with half a mug of ice (that’s half a mug of water just stuck into the freezer so the beer sits on top of it). Oops, there’s two basic rules of dysentery avoidance broken right there… but yum, anyway.

Back to Trang for relax and swim, then back to the streets for dinner (getting a little feel for the geography here now) at Hemlock. Piper leaves(?) wrapped around things, then assorted veg (raw baby eggplant, steamed wing beans, bitter melon etc.) with dried prawns (better than it sounds, I assure you) and stewed pork neck. All good. Walk home, collapse onto bed by 10pm.
IMG 3526



  1. SAWADEE KAA!!! I rang your place yesterday, got yer voice on the answering machine so I presumed you were still there. Dried prawns on wrapped around things are the bomb. Happy travels. How long are you staying in Thailand?


    We left Sidders Town on the 5th, and left Thailand on the 12th, so we’re putting up these posts posthumously, as it were, ’cause we weren’t going to muck about setting up a blog and spending heaps of time in internet cafes in Thailand when there was so much to do, and so little time…

  3. coor lumme it ain’t half chilly in lunnon right now, would you like me to knit you some bedsocks?

  4. Actually the weather here in old Blighty is frightfully pleasant at the moment – like a sunny Winter’s day in the Blue Mountains.

  5. Srewed pork neck. Mmmmmm. And Beer. Mmmmm.

  6. And beer! So much beer! Shame there’s so little choice in Thailand – Chang, Singha, then maybe Leo, Heineken, and if you’re lucky, Asahi. Oh, and I saw Tiger once, too.
    In 37 degrees, though, it all tastes good.

  7. In Vietnam they hurl large chunks of ice into the beer, which comes warm out of a carton. I grew very fond of that in the extreme humidity and heat.

    Also the HUGE steamed prawns at the beach at My Khe. With beer.

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