Thailand: further little-known facts

March 15, 2007

Day 3. Wednesday 07.03.2007

Fleeced again by tuk-tuk: not quite so badly this time, after walk to and through Chinatown – soi upon soi of stuff: watches, weapons, beads, fluffy toys, icons, assorted plastic rubbish, thousands of kinds of dried seafood, unidentifiable things, shiny things, lurid things, then off to Siam Square to see how the other half shop. Very heartily, as it turns out. Went to the cheap part (MBK), then the expensive part (Paragon), where they keep the Bentleys and Lamborghinis and Porsches on the 5th floor. Meter taxi back to Trang, leading to discovery of extent of previous fleecing. Drink more beer. Linda has early evening nap while I head off to explore local evening market. I come home with cheap silly t-shirts and fried quails’ eggs (about $1 for nearly a dozen, if memory serves) and grilled stuffed squid (smallish, but I think they were about 3 for a dollar) from street stalls. Couldn’t bring myself to go the bugs and grubs and scorpions despite the locals hoeing in with relish.
We weren’t all that hungry, so it made for a tasty and very cheap dinner. You could live for a long time on an Australian week’s wage, here. And so to bed.
Siam Square


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