Facts not entirely about Bangkok

March 16, 2007

Day 4. Thursday 08.03.2007
Check out of the Trang today, then we’re driven to Ban Phe by the hotel-commissioned driver, which was vastly preferable to catching a minibus for 3 hours. Swindled by the nice ladies at the travel tout shop over fares to Ko Samet, but the speedboat ride was fun, if bumpy. Check in to rather good secluded cabin at the Sametville Resort (Ao Wai) with absolute bloody water frontage. Nice, though we’re off the south end of the beach and onto the rocks.
Refreshing ales and snacky treats follow (we went the raw prawn with whole garlic cloves and green chillies, fish-cakes and something thai-salady, all of which was good, but Linda responded badly to one of them and has nothing more to say about day 4 than to groan feebly. Swimming was also done – many underwater cucumbers and urchins (just fitted it in before commencement of feeble groaning).
Ban Phe to Bangkok



  1. Hey Lidna – think about the weight loss! That’s what kept me going when I got the feeble groaning in Vietnam (which I’m sure came from a swim in a luxury resort swimming pool rather than the food in any case).

    The prawns & garlic sounds pretty damn good from this part of town…

  2. The prawns were extremely good.
    It must be said, though that there have to be more enjoyable ways to lose weight than through the involuntary ejection method.

  3. Maybe more enjoyable, but not as quick!

  4. I’m thinking of bottling my friends the bacteria and selling them as a new revolutionary diet method – whaddya reck?

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