The nature of things, in Ko Samet.

March 17, 2007

Day 5. Friday 09.03.2007.
Light breakfast (toast for Linda, fish congee for James, sweet black tea all ’round), pursued by snorkelling. Much broken and bleached coral, some good bits though, further out and further down (seems that most of the tourists to the island can’t swim. True!) Many many urchins & lovely giant clams (not so giant, mostly, but beautiful). More Thai tucker for lunch and dinner, all lovely, and the rice was always teddy-bear shaped. We’re both having some tummy upsets now, though Linda’s faring much worse. We’ve been relocated to a new bungalow – off the Northern end of the beach, amidst trees. The balcony features the old Thai favourite, Grecian columns, and the finest fibro. Geckos!
Over dinner James noticed a familiar-looking face devouring the BBQ pork-on-a-stick, so went for a chat on the way back to the bungalow – turns out it was a guy called David Smith, an artist who once worked at Ambience as a VFX Supervisor while James was there, in Thailand now helping to set up a facility in Bangkok. Had just been saying how several days had passed without seeing a familiar face. Funny.
Ko Samet


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