Observations on Ko Samet

March 17, 2007

Day 6. Saturday 10.03.2007
Snorkel before breakfast, at the North end of Ao Wai. After breakfast, we go for a walk to the South end of Ko Samet, to the famed Sunset Point. About 3 or 4 KM there and back, very hot and sweaty walk, mid 30s, and a bit pointless as no sunset was in evidence at 10am. Fun (for James at least). The forest seems to be almost entirely monocultural, odd for a National Park, but when you consider that the Ko Samet was called something like “The Beautiful Jewel of the East” and that the new name reflects the fact that the samet tree is popular for its efficacy as firewood the apparent lack of virgin forest begins to make sense.
Most of the rest of the day consisted of renting beach chairs and sitting in the shade in same, and reading, or lathering on the sunblock and swimming.
Caught up with David again, for drinks, then dinner, then more drinks, at which point Linda abandoned the proceedings claiming gastric unfitness. Still, in bed by midnight. The latest night yet!


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