The end of facts about Thailand.

March 18, 2007

Day 7. Monday 12.03.2007

Thalan Wisutkasat.
Wake up at the crack of dawn, as we have every day except when we planned to get away early on Thursday. Computer things, photo things, discover lack of camera memory card containing memories of most of our time at Ko Samet. Ring Ko Samet resort, but they deny all knowledge of same. Bugger.
Linda’s not up to breakfast, so I head out alone to eat, then out to the post office, which we’ve been meaning to do for several days now, but haven’t been within cooee of one. So now postcards are en route. Yay!
Back to hotel, pack, then off to airport. Linda had rung Thai Air as per instructions previously obtained, to request seats with extra leg-room, and was promised same, pending turning up at check-in to demonstrate tallness and therefore need of aforementioned seats. At the airport (Suvarnabhumi, the brand-new one with the famous runway cracks) we are almost 2 hours early, and there are no queues! Stroll up to the counter, to find not only no queues, but also no seats as promised! There are apparently only 3 seats left, and the check-in chick says she can’t get us seats together, even. Oh wait, yes she can. Huh? Everyone is checked in 2 full hours early? What gives? Sadly I think we’ll never know, unless we can ascribe it to the famous English penchant for, and love of, queuing. Weird. No duty-free purchases, we just look at all the stuff and move slowly towards England.
I’m typing this on the plane, cattle class, down the back, last time we had an update we were over Turkmenistan, the Himalayas were beautiful an hour or so ago, and we just finished watching Stranger than Fiction, and for as long as my batteries hold out I’ll probably listen to music and prepare photos to put on the web.
So eventually the plane lands, as they do, and we shuffle through the warren that is Heathrow. We’re separated at immigration control – Linda is quizzed as to her friends, marital status, employment, etc. James walks up to the counter (the UK citizens one), passport and landing card in hand: “I have an Australian passport, but I have this:” opening passport to Certificate of Entitlement to the Right of Abode. Official looks at passport, takes landing card and dispenses with it, “you don’t need this, Sir, straight through here, thankyou, goodbye.”
Wow, that was easy.
Once again, as in Thailand, the customs area is a ghost town, so we stroll through unimpeded. We’re in England!


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