Blighty – first impressions

March 20, 2007

Having landed and negotiated the warrens of Heathrow, all that remained was finding someone to take us to our new home. That would be Paul, whom we’d never seen, and who wouldn’t know us from two bars of soap.

I eventually spotted someone I could make conform to my uncertain mental image of him, and wonder of wonders, he was holding a card with our names on. YAY! We were whisked (to our new) home, and chatted for a couple of hours, by which time we’d been (mostly) awake for 24 hours straight, and probably not so coherent anymore. It was a decent time for bed, about 11pm UTC, so an excellent first step on the road to circadian wholesomeness. That was until we both woke up at 3.30am. Oh well. Figured it wouldn’t happen overnight.
Number 7
Stand by for installment 2 of the Blighty Chronicles.




  2. Thank you dear!

  3. Yes….happy birthday Linda!

    This time I even ical-led it but still forgot.

  4. Thank you too dear! It was super top fun – Chinese tucker in Chinatown – pork belly and duck and grumpy service (reassuring) and the Tate Modern – splendid!

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