Common or garden information

March 21, 2007

One of the fun things to do here is wander around the Common. Wimbledon Common, obviously. The one with the Wombles. (We now have families of the cute little blighters in the bedroom wardrobe!) It’s big. It seems to be at least twice the size of Centennial Park in Sydney and far more given over to wildy brambley swampy bits. It comfortably houses an entire golf course (the Royal Scottish, strangely enough, and we haven’t seen any kilts or SAS entourages there yet). It has ponds with ducks, and geese the like of which at least one of us had never seen before (Canada geese). Dogs – doggie dogs! Cute, shaggy, fluffy. awfully well trained. A testament to the English public school system. There’s even a windmill – what? Yes! It doesn’t so much mill or wind as just sit there – it’s the thought that counts. All the trees are so familiar yet not at all familiar – oaks, elms and whole copses of birches! Even coppiced birches! And some pollarded ones!
Wimbledon Common fungus

Our new abode has a tiny garden, even smaller than the one at the old abode – unfortunately the neighbours on the left have decided that erecting a large concrete wall to block out all the southern sun was a great thing to do today. Urgh!
The Tibbets Garden



  1. Moronic neighbours…..how some things stay the same, no matter where you go!

    Lovely pics. Keep them coming.

  2. Just as well the dogs are properly trained or there might also be corpses of bitches.

  3. oh *groan*

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