London. Just the facts, Madam.

March 25, 2007

Yes, we’ve been here almost two weeks now. We’ve even been into the middle of town. A couple of times. Maybe more, it’s easy to lose count.

We’re such homebodies, it’s easy to stay in our (warm!) house in Wimbledon and more or less ignore the marvels half an hour away by Tube. The Tube is good, but walking is our mainstay. Walking around (and around) Soho we’ve found all the expected food, pubs, fashion, sex shops and post-production facilities you’d expect, but there’s more to London than Soho. There’s pubs! Everywhere! And they really make sense when you have to come in from the cold every few minutes to thaw your face and hands. As opposed to Thailand where you choose either Singha or Chang (to rehydrate and cool down) if you’re a beer drinker, in London I don’t think I’ve had the same beer twice (to help warm up. Yes it is served flat and tepid, trust me it makes sense over here.) Except Guinness, but that’s not a beer, it’s an institution, and since we’re living with a native son of Eire and St Paddy’s day’s just gone, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion.

But all that’s not really the heart of London (I hear you cry) where’s the theatre, the art, the architecture, the geezers, the whinging? Well, all in good time, we’ve had a little of those fings (a little geezer moment there), but we’re not rushing it. The architecture you can’t avoid, a good chunk of central London is like the QVB (together with all its relatives) on steroids, and makes Sydney feel just a little small. On the other hand, the modern architects here are committing just as many crimes against humanity as their Antipodean counterparts, so apparently all things are equal, to some degree.

Theatre? I’ll get to that in due course. Lots of it here, of course, the obligatory poly-decadic blockbuster thingies that they ship busloads of tourists to because they’re in London, and SEVEN different versions of The Tempest running concurrently across town. We’ll go and see some and report (thank you Karen and Geoff).

Art? All I can really report for now is that Gilbert & George are good. They continue to be good. And the Tate Modern (which houses the latest G&G show has some fun spiral slides. Keeps the kids amused, and the big folks too.




  1. I’ve wanted to go on those slippery slides at the Tate Modern ever since I first saw them. Did you slide?

  2. But of course! Sadly the top ones were finished for the day and the 4th floor ones are closed due to G&G occupying that entire floor. So we’re going back for more real soon now, maybe even today!
    We’ll take all the free entertainment we can get in this town!

  3. You’re in the land of Shakespeare Inc now!

  4. Take yr camera and take shots of sliding down!

  5. That’s a top idea, I wonder if they’d let me?

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