Local is the new organic

April 12, 2007


Out of curiosity we have visited each of the three major supermarket chains here precisely one time each – Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose. We noticed what we temporarily thought was a positive abundance of organic food at each. Then we noticed that the capsicums were from Israel, the tomatoes from Australia, the chickens from Turkey! In a carbon emissions-conscious country what is this madness?



  1. Check out this if you haven’t already. http://100milediet.org/. If the Canadians can do it, well it can be done in milder climates.

    Cheese…you two must be in heaven(ish?)

  2. Apropos of nothing, here is a Fall video with the lovely Leigh Bowery.

  3. We are indeed in cheese heaven – we even have a local buffalo farmer. And unpasteurised froggy cheese!

  4. Gee – at least you can get Australian organic tomatoes within walking distance. I can’t.

  5. WJ I’m afraid I haven’t spotted anyone even half as interesting as LB. It’s all about Gap and Topshop as far as I can see.

    Very good link Nada.

    Rev, now you can – http://www.azboats.com/l/shop/

  6. […] at Fat Pigeons, they tell us you get tomatoes from Australia¬† in London, which of course raises the issue of food […]

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