April 16, 2007


I’ve just spent a lovely day in the garden (yes one of us is still unemployed) sweeping tending and watering. Yes watering. In England! It hasn’t rained here for 3 weeks and everyone is commenting on the lovely but highly unusual weather. Tops of 24 degrees and in April! It’s all spaghetti straps and footy shorts over here. Yikes.

The best part was that after I swept last year’s oak leaves away from the concrete pavers, did a bit of digging and watering, the robins were very curious to see what was going on – three of them flew into the garden and hopped about eating bugs and bits not more than two feet away. They sing so well.

Thankyou to english-country-garden.com for the pic. I’m afraid the camera phone isn’t quite good enough yet for such a zoom and the other camera is in constant use…



  1. What a little cutie fuzzy birdie. 🙂

    This is the amazing thing about the northern hemisphere, things are so seasonal, and when it’s good it’s very very good! We just overhauled all our bird feeding implements yesterday and I was JUST about to post on my blog about the birds we are seeing here. What amazes me is those classic little cartoon nests they build. Unlike Australian birds these critters really don’t mind nesting within arms reach.

    One thing that has also really grabbed me are the nocturnal songbirds. Do you get nightingales where you are?

  2. No nightingales unfortunately, but we do have blackbirds singing in the dead of night!
    So far the nests here have been scary – too many lumps in the pollarded plane trees. And there’s the 40% drop in the songbird population over the last 20 years. Apparently those very cute and very naughty squirrels are partly responsible.
    How lucky are we – two springs in nearly a row…

  3. and england is just so totally cultivated, with virtually no “wilderness” (in our sense of the word), all the ecologies have had intensive human engagement for millenia, sheep safely graze in the national parks and their “native” animals are our “ferals”. It’s quite a spin out for antipodean eyes.

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