A Quick Jaunt East

May 7, 2007

So we went walkabout in East London yesterday, not really a comprehensive tour, just a quick squiz at Spitalfields Market (Lidna saw someone spitting, but it was probably pure coincidence), where we bought some very tasty salami, one infused with truffle, and the other with fennel,
truffle, fennel salami

then plunged down some small streets for a stroll up Brick Lane, the home of London student chic. Much as expected: lots of cheap food of various ethnicity, vast emporia full of old clothes, shoes & bags, funky street music things, stolen bikes for sale, you know the kind of thing. Not as much cool bizarro fashion as expected.

Then a stroll down the very downbeat Bethnal Green Road, and back towards the city, with a reminder that despite its vast and venerable decorative content, London public art, as has been noted elsewhere, in regard to Sydney’s collection, sometimes goes horribly wrong…
Bishopsgate public art



  1. Hmmm. Illustrating another truism of Bad Public Art: When in doubt, paint it in bright colours! (Under the mistaken belief that it will cheer up the work’s inherent miserableness).

    Hope you guys are missing us! Lidna – maybe I’ll need to pack bags and come stay with you. Work is crap here. I think Nada made the right choice.

  2. Of course we’re missing you – we’ve scoured the whole of London and you’re nowhere to be seen!
    Come on over! No work here for me yet – but according to everyone this is the quiet bit of the year. It’s a very nice bit of year to be swanning about in a leisurely fashion!

  3. Swan, swan, swan. Public art – find some good stuff- is that possible? A mission should you choose to accept it.

  4. Every interesting about the food, what do you think of the wine shops “over there”. What are you drinking?

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