Shhh! The internet is sleeping

May 11, 2007

Or so it seems.


Remember the days of the dial-up modem? You thought a TARDIS was involved to sample the manifold delights thereof today, didn’t you? Well today we discovered that even in ultra-hip, uber-modern London town, that world still exists, and in our current abode we have fallen into a deep pocket of dial-up-ness from which we hope to emerge in three months, unless we go completely barking (we are in England in case some of you hadn’t noticed, so I thought I’d throw in a little local lingo) from lack of exposure to the bright light of the outside world – a kind of informational rickets, I suppose, and upgrade the house to broadband.

Either that or we’ll have to start war-walking, or hanging out in awful cafes whose coffee isn’t good enough to lure their data-thirsty patrons, and sit there pretending to write the next killer screenplay whilst nursing a cold, weak abused cuppa for hours at a time. I seriously never thought at this juncture in my life I’d be lured by internet addiction into beverage wetnursing.

The war-walking sounds more likely, somehow. Although wandering around the streets with Powerbook in hand… maybe not. Then there’s the whole grey-area legality thing, but seriously, when you get used to good internet, it’s really really hard to give it up…

Maybe I’ll get me some watercolours and rediscover having a life instead.



  1. I’m still working on a version of “I’m writing this slow because I know you aren’t a very fast reader” gag… watercolours/life… mmm… how’s about Parkour instead?

  2. Parkour? I know it’s seriously cool and hip and urban, but I really hadn’t thought of it as a likely pursuit for an old codger like myself…
    Maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong all this time – also, how cool would it be to say “I used to catch the Tube to work, but now I parkour”.

  3. There are a lot of things in the ‘giving up’ queue ahead of internet for me.

    Like food.

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