Encounter with the Native Fauna

May 23, 2007

I went for a cycle around Richmond Park the other day, enjoying the cool morning air a bit after dawn – actually not enjoying the coolness of the air – it was about 13 or 14 degrees, which by the Sydney standards I’m used to is bloody chilly, especially with the wind-across-the-ears thing giving me a cold headache – but enjoying the quiet parkiness of it, things flowering, being green all over the place and herds of deer wandering around.

I saw a fox, sleeping at the base of a willow tree, beside a brook as I rode over a small bridge, and rode on a few metres, then turned around, thinking that that was either too picturesque to be real, or not at all right, and in either case I should get a picture. I leant the bike on the end of the bridge, and the fox looked up at me.
Richmond Park wounded fox
I figured that it would run off and the photo-op was gone, but it put its head back down, I took the photo, and went to call the RSPCA. The driver rang me back for clarification on the directions, but then called back a couple of hours later to say when he got there rigor mortis was already setting in. Damn.



  1. nature morte

  2. Doh! I read the headline and thought it was going to be a post about Wombles.

    RIP little Reynaud.

  3. Poor Foxy, a last look at you and then……

    A smile for the camera. He knew you are in flim James.

  4. The next time you see one dieing get the skull for me would you. Thanks

  5. How’s about I just bag the whole thing and send it to you surface mail – you can do your own skeleton extraction when it arrives, should be easy enough, it’ll be mostly soup by then!

    If you’re really keen though, I’d recommend driving out west somewhere and practicing your swerving technique. I think they’re a protected native species on this side of the world, whereas some farmer in Oz would probably pay you for your time…

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