Last day

July 29, 2007

In Richmond.

A little background, to put things in perspective for the Sydneysiders: Richmond is to London what Rose Bay (or Vaucluse, or Double Bay, or Mosman) is to Sydney, more or less. But in Richmond.

Full of the moneyed, the SUVed, the once-famous (but now more like institutional) and the far-flung suburb faux-hippy, or artsy-aspirational. You know the type.

It’s quite lovely and terribly pleasant. But we’re giving all that up, this afternoon, for the inner-city lifestyle once again, this time without somebody else’s family photos, 80’s records, and Moroccan souvenir crockery.

Looking forward to Islington, and London rental…



  1. And what will fill your spaces at Islington? Will you have to buy furniture?

  2. It’s furnished – two bedrooms, a desk in each, sofa, dining room stuff, basic kitchen stuff, new sheets, towels…
    we were even left a stereo, which is nice – it’s been a while. The piano is going to go, though.

  3. So, Islington is Marrickville then…

  4. But what about playing it…the piano that is…..during what’s left of the English summer. That could be lovely no?

  5. That is lovely, except for the lack of sheet music. A little doodlage happens, although the aborted moving about of said piano has given it a unique timbre…
    And Islington is indeed Marrickville with a great deal more council housing down our end (we’re in an ex council flat that was sold during the Thatcher days) and the lovely parks and terraces where Tony Blair used to live down the other end. We’re even just down the road from Kings Cross station – ahh, just like the old days!

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