Yes, we’ve moved in and have made new food to prove it.

August 4, 2007

So today, the first Saturday of our Islingtonhood, we took a walk along the canal, visited tiny local hardware shop for essentials, the local bike shop to get my bike seen to (now that an invoice has finally been paid), then, in the afternoon, off to Borough Markets, sometimes known as the breadbasket of London, for the Saturday Afternoon Specials.

The Canal 01

Well, the cheeses are special, not actually on special, though. A bit of Brie de Meaux, and some English goat and sheep cheese whose names escape me. We did get some Highly Recommended bacon, and some fab Dorset rock oysters (14 for the price of 10, though we only asked for a dozen), picked that morning (they say, but I’d forgive them if they were yesterday’s pick). Eaten au naturel. Delicious. Two were slightly open, though, so I thought rather than chucking them, a bit of cooking would cure whatever might potentially ail them.

This brings me to: Our Official (if slightly crass sounding) Housewarming Dish – Spaghetti Kilpatrick.

From Borough Markets,
Two Dorset Oysters
Two rashers of Yorkshire smoked back bacon (from The Ginger Pig – look them up)
and from elsewhere,
Plenty of garlic
An onion
Swiss Brown mushrooms.
A generous (but not life-threatening – I used a slice through of about 3mm, which Linda says was a tad too much, though I liked it) quantity of habanero chilli
Peeled tomatoes
Olive oil
Worcestershire sauce
and, of course,

Note that this dish was an off-the-cuff experimental affair, inspired by ingredients to hand. Given a second shot at it (which may well happen, given that it was pretty yummy) I’d add more oyster, and maybe a little less chilli – I still think that the habanero is a good choice, they taste amazing, despite their absolute hot ferocity.

Heat the oil. Onions go in first, followed by bacon, then mushrooms, then garlic.
Take care not to burn the garlic. It can get bitter.
Tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, cook for a bit (directions get fuzzy here – it depends how much you trust your oysters – I didn’t trust mine a great deal, so I put them in early)
So then, oysters.
Your water should be boiling for the pasta about now-ish, so put that on.
When the pasta’s done, add torn basil to the sauce, plate it, and throw grated parmesan on top. Eat. Burp.


One comment

  1. lucky you! our cheese is shit. We can get jarlsberg though and some frog stuff. I have to buy irish butter to get the proper yellow stuff, otherwise it’s all white butter and orange cheese.

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