Flight Of The Conchords

August 6, 2007

These two make me want to go back to New Zealand. They’re not there though. They have a show on HBO. It’s funny. You could watch it and you might laugh.



  1. They appeared on The Sideshow once, I think. A different piece, but also quite funny

  2. I put in a link to their show on HBO – it’s airing at the moment. Oh yes, and Bret is Figwit.

  3. Funneeeeee.

  4. I couldn’t bring myself to watch TFOFC at first, because HBO put it on in the Sopranos slot and I was so bummed about the final season of that show that I couldn’t summon up any more interest in TV.

    HOWEVER!! On your recommendation I watched 6 episodes last night in quick succession and IT’S ADORABLE!! I want a poster that says “New Zealand Rocks!!”

  5. “Hey Gingerballs!!!!” “Are you on your way to a dick meeting!?”

  6. New Zealand – It’s not part of Australia.

  7. Oh yes – and Bret was Figwit in LOTR. Cute!


    And I already wrote that. Senility, bring it on!

  8. I’m dying here – we just watched BOWIE’S IN SPAYCE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4zV4pJ8MwM


  10. And there’ll be a second season! Yay!

  11. Makes me very proud to be currently living in NZ (that and a show called Outrageous Fortune which totally shits on any Australian drama I’ve seen)

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