Chopping, boiling and surfing (and smelling funny)

August 22, 2007

We’ve been here, what, 5 months now? We’ve been living in a succession of furnished houses, without anything resembling a stock pot or a sharp knife in that time. Thankfully, now, our two most missed kitchen items have arrived from home (cheaper than buying them here anew!) so now we can boil pasta, make tasty stock aplenty, and actually cut things, rather than saw through them with a blunt object, once again!

The other thing that we missed was our Apple Airport wireless internet thingy, which arrived, with our old cable modem, so now we can both be online at once, rather than impatiently taking turns, and from comfortable locations, rather than tied to the desk with a cable. One small problem occurred, though. The modem, which we weren’t, luckily, planning to use, was lurking in the bottom of the stockpot under its colander bit. It successfully lurked unnoticed – result: modem flavoured chicken stock. Oh well, the next batch will be better.



  1. Hey! Where’s a picture of the chicken-flavoured modem! I like a good tech tragedy…

  2. Oops – thought about it, didn’t do it. Next time I boil a modem I promise I’ll document it.

  3. True – you MUST document all your gadget disasters, they’re the keepers.

    Zara cleverly ripped every single key off Pete’s laptop when she was about 18 months old. But I was so caught up in my initial shock, dismay and trying to make the Correct Parental Response to remember to take pictures of a laughing imp sitting astride a disemboweled keyboard surrounded by little alpha-numerical bits of plastic.

  4. Rats – would have been a classic!

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