Wow all these weeds are native to Islington! And they have the cutest names!

September 11, 2007

front garden

Ok not these ones, the ones in the link below. Weeds are just plants in the wrong place.

Fun things I just bought for the back garden

The back is tiny, mostly London clay (as they call it here) and now horsey goodness – 10 bags of it from the local horse man – in fact the whole family came along to deliver it. Cute! As soon as the native plantey goodness makes it into an oasis of bird, bee and butterfly life, there will be photos aplenty.

In the meantime let me tell you about the front garden – we have had marvellous success with rocket – one kind from Alan Titchmarsh, one from nice Italian seed company – (so there, Steve Mac – I shouldn’t give up gardening – I knew it was just a sun issue) and, encouraged by such abundance, have in the last week planted coriander (risky), parsley and basil – giant, for wrapping stuff (oops forgotten variety, but direct from Italy). It may be even smaller than a postage stamp out there, but it gets sun! Sage, thyme and rosemary were here when we came – we have added fennel, tarragon, sorrel, oregano, mint, peppermint, creeping savoury and bay. And we discovered pineapple mint yesterday. Must get the tiki cocktails happening without delay!



  1. Mmmm. Roast chicken dinner here we come!

  2. You just missed the roast chicken (though I’m sure we’ll have more, just don’t dilly dally there in Oz for too long!), and the after-chicken visitors – check the Flickr links above…

  3. Your herb garden is wonderful, and I can’t wait for photos of your flowers when they happen. Will that be next spring/summer? Seems a long time to wait. . . .

  4. We’re going to chuck a few in now in the hope that they’ll pop their heads up for the last of summer. I bunged some saffron crocuses (crociiiiii?) in the front too.
    I wish I was in Australia, just so I could exclaim “Look at my poor poor paw-paw!” (Kath and Kim).

  5. Oooohhhh. Aaahhhh. It looks marvelous. Saffron crocus…..I totally agree! I was going to order some last autumn but hesitated….now I’ll order some with some crazy tulips for next year.

  6. I too shall do the crazy tulips – yay!

  7. Weeds are a funny thing.

    I read a great chapter in a book on “Blitz ecology” and learned about London Rocket which bloomed everywhere after the Great Fire and also found a good niche in bombsites during WW2.

    My neighbor across the street has a fine stand of prickly pear which is fruiting now. Here it’s native and elegant, back home it looks frenzied and evil.

    I tried to pick a prickly pear out in the wilderness once and hurt myself a great deal. Horrible soft little stingers work their way into your skin with the merest brushing.

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