The sound of things exploding

November 3, 2007

I don’t know – is it just me? It could be, but I’ve done no research to contradict my theory. I find it wonderful that here in England they have this thing called Guy Fawkes Night.

The Guy!

Imagine in America, if they took what appeared to be the single greatest attack on their Democratic, Land Of The Free, Hernhurn, Way Of Lahf , and celebrated it by handing out free pilot’s licences to all and sundry for a day, or even by having a national Carnival of Exploding Airplanes. Maybe some kind of Einstürzende Neubautenstag. No? Can’t quite picture it? Didn’t think so. That’s pretty much what we have here. A (Catholic) bloke called Guy Fawkes, in an ill-fated attempt to bring down the (Protestant) Government of England, was caught red-handed with a giant load of explosives. Consequently, giant loads of explosives are sold to the public to detonate at will for this festival of noise and light. Admittedly, it took a few centuries (and probably then some) to get over burning effigies of the man himself, after he was tortured and killed by the authorities. The US hasn’t managed to catch the guy they most blame for their current national trauma, Osama bin Laden, so effigies of him might be a little premature. Never mind, they know where to find the bloke who was fiddling (playing golf, whatever) while New York burned – the incompetent on whose watch it happened, George Bush the Inestimably Lesser. That’s what they could have every September in the States (not to disrespect the tragedy of the recurring natural disasters prevalent in California) 9/11 – Bush Fire Day!



  1. I like it!

    There is certainly something in the English character that didn’t tag along with the puritans on their arrival at Plymouth Rock. Perhaps their lack of sense of humour about themselves was why they were persecuted and had to leave. :~)

  2. we have Guy Fawkes in NZ as well (for some reason) so I bought a box of fireworks yesterday and blew them up last night… something I haven’t done in years!

  3. Guy Fawkes in NZ? Of course! Must keep up the traditions of Mother England!

    We’re planning to go and buy some explosives of our own this afternoon… =^) I think I was about 15 last time that happened (and that’s waay too long ago)!

  4. Fireworks without the hordes and pompous music. Yay!

  5. c’mon kids, let’s burn an effigy!

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