Signs of Progress

November 25, 2007

I wasn’t going to do a post today (or most other days, you may have noticed) but I bought a new thing (for me), and decided that something, anything really, was in order by way of celebration.


I’m not that interested in the Brussels Convention, though I’m sure it has its enthusiastic proponents, and they’re perfectly entitled to their views. And while I’m no expert when it comes to the Kyoto Protocol, I’m far more interested in its outcomes than those of its Belgian cousin.

Therefore, in honour of the events of the weekend just passed, the sound thrashing of the rather unpleasant Howard regime and the impending Australian ratification of the above Protocol, I propose the celebratory renaming of this vegetable to “Kyoto sprout.”

May the incoming government be as timely, sensible, fruitful, straightforward and as good steamed with butter and a little salt as this fine work of nature.



  1. Excellent idea.

  2. 2nded! Hope sprouts eternal!

  3. They’ll surely be much tastier than the rancid turnip we’ve been living on for the last 11 years.

  4. Kathy & RichardN: Thanks for the vote of confidence =^)

    Anaglyph: An honest politician would be a turn-up for the books, no?

  5. And a little pepper. Necessary like ideas in public life/politics.

  6. Ah, pepper, the spice of life! But I maintain that all things political should be taken with a good sprinkling of salt above all.

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