More newness

February 5, 2008

New resolutions to be more precise – I have decided that in order to traverse the desert of unemployment that I find myself in I need structure. So I am going to post a blog entry every day. I am so unused to writing that I’m sure it will be tedious in the extreme – yet I’m inflicting it upon you anyway!

So here is entry number one – a recording from my lovely Zoomy recorder of something lying around the house. If you can guess what it is you win a prize (well no you don’t really).





  1. That recorder looks cool… but your mad youtube skillz need some work 🙂

  2. indeed! For some reason youtube is telling me my little .mov is the wrong format. I am useless. Jamesy!!!

  3. Very snazzy thingy! I hope you have fun with the blog. Of course, I hope it is fun for us, too, at the receiving end, but the other has to be first and foremost.

  4. It’s a trick question! It’s the sounds of silence that you’ve recorded. Brilliant!

    Is my prize cheese?

  5. Aha! You guessed it! Either that or I have no idea how to author a web page to upload my little sound to.
    And yes your prize – you get to say cheese. Yay!

  6. […] yes and if your life has been incomplete without the mystery sound Jamesy finally figured out how to put it on an […]

  7. The Mystery Sound sounds like the plunger in one of those old manual fly-spray cylinders. You know – the kind of thing they used to have before aerosol cans.

  8. I don’t actually, except from cartoons. But you’re very close – different materials.

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