Things to which I am listening

February 7, 2008

In response to Mr Intepid’s most recent blog entry* I am going to bore you with the podcasts I listen to regularly. And then you can tell me yours because that’ll be fun.

Funny Get This. Tony Martin of D Generation fame’s now defunct radio show which was on Triple M until November last year, when it was axed because it was too popular (yes really). It is, by the way, the only time I have listened to commercial radio intentionally in my life. The podcast is marvellous because it has no crappy music and no ads (well only at the start and end so you can skip them). The best and funniest radio show I’ve ever heard – I recommend downloading the whole two years’ worth and starting from the beginning. Soon you too will know why I randomly yell “Assault, Assault!” and know quite a lot about Steven Seagal’s straight-to-dvd releases.

Finding out about newsy stuff – Harry Shearer’s Le Show. Harry has had a weekly radio show for more than twenty years now – not only can you be brought up to date on what’s going on in the world, but you can chuckle and scoff as well! What more could you ask for? Silly tunes perhaps? You get them too.

Nostalgia – NPR’s Playback. Archival stuff from 25 years ago – remember what was going on in 1983. Way cool.

FlimsMovietime on ABC radio. Hosted by Julie Rigg, who knows her stuff and has a marvellous voice. I even met her once because she is the mother of a friend of mine. So much better than anything they have over here in the mother country – Jonathan Ross is all about celebrity and silliness. I still rely on Movietime to find out what is actually happening in the flim world.

Honourable mentionThis American Life. As Mark has already written about it in his blog I won’t say much – it’s bloody marvellous! The only gripe I have with it is that there are lots of repeats. They also have a telly program now which I haven’t yet illegally downloaded.

Enough for now!

*damn no fairy torture!


One comment

  1. I listen to Skepticality all the time which I’m sure you’d like, and also The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe’. Skepticality seems to be able to get the very best guests. SGU is very funny.

    To make fonts go smaller you need to use a font instruction – I’ll send you one in email.

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