February 8, 2008


Ok I know they’re imported, ok I know they’ve all but eradicated the native red squirrels on this island, and I so know what havoc they can wreak on a garden, but grey squirrels are so cute! So cute! These rather blurry A-Current-Affair-style photos were taken through the window so excuse the picture quality (and taken by a very amateur photographer – ptooey Jacques!). The friendliest neighbourhood squirrel buried a peanut in one of our herb planters for winter safe keeping. I am now resisting the temptation to bore you with multiple letters and exclamation marks. Cuuuuuuuuuttttttte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oops.

Oh yes and if your life has been incomplete without the mystery sound Jamesy finally figured out how to put it on an internet.


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