The Universe hates me

February 13, 2008

Since last Wednesday these are the good things that have happened to me:

booked for ‘audition’ tracklay – yay! At last I get to use my sound library again! And all the new stuff I’ve recorded! And a semi sort of concrete kind of offer of maybe work in the possible sort of future!

Jamesy got lots of work!

These are the bad things that have happened to me:

Jamesy got lots of work. 14 days in a row, long hours, me alone 15 hours a day

lost crappy weekend job – someone undercut my rate. Now completely unemployed

drive with sound library on it failed (ten years of recorded and collected sound) – not to worry though – I left a backup in Sydney in case of just this situation! Phew!

backup copy sent from Sydney has no sound library on it due to sound library not being on backup drive

cannot do above tracklay due to complete and utter lack of sound library

laptop fell off bedside table – twice – due to earplug cord pulling it off as I turned over whilst half asleep listening to podcasts

centre pin of power supply for laptop broke off inside laptop (see above), therefore seriously compromising laptop and killing power supply

new earphones in bad shape

skinned index finger trying to save laptop

eBay sniping software failed to work three times – missed out on a Nelson bench, an Ercol coffee table and a G Plan coffee table

told to send my cv to ‘mailtoblahblahblah@wankersoundpostproductionplace.uk’ by two companies (i.e they told me to send it to the receptionist (i.e they won’t even open it))

managed to burn chicken stock and nearly ruin stockpot that we shipped over from Australia- who on earth does that?

failed to write one blog per day

Blah. Blah. Blah.



  1. I’ll have a job going here at the end of the year… And there’s still the Irish job, although they have gone a bit quiet now. Don’t despair Lidna!

  2. Don’t despair, you could have done what I just did….ie quit my job 18 months ago (ie the only thing I’m trained to do) to change direction and study. Begin studying and then think, I’m not sure that this kind of thing is for me…interested in the subject but not in being a lawyer…so defer and think, wtf am I going to do?

    Life’s so interesting!

  3. Which reminds me, Nada, would you come out of retirement to do a job with me? It’s not until early 2009. You can be on it too Lidna, but you’d have to come back to HorseTraylyer…

  4. I promise I shall not despair!

    Nada you’ve deferred? Oh boy! Let me know when you figure out what to do next – maybe I can do it too…

    Do you think they’d have me as a replacement for David Attenborough when he retires?

    2009 Awestralia? Sounds lovely!

  5. Anaglyph…I could be persuaded especially if it’s interesting. Or if Lidna’s on board.

    Lidna – I’m thinking slack-arsed wastrel…what do you reckon?

  6. I’ll be there (unless some miracle occurs and I’m doing something here har har).

    I’m studying slack-arsed wastrel now – hoping to graduate to bag lady or Tourette’s lady (haven’t decided which to major in yet) with a minor in wallowing (self-pity strand).

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