February 24, 2008

Jamesy in birthday scarf

For the first time in my life I managed to knit a garment all by myself. Yay! I finished above scarf (my own pattern and everything (i.e. I made it up as I went along)) for Jamesy’s birthday. And what fun it was! Before I started I had vague memories of trying to knit after my mother patiently cast on for me, but I can recall finishing only one thing – a Barbie ballgown made from a bit of French knitting coiled around and around. Very stylish!

The funnest part of the whole experience though was all the memories of my lovely Mum I got back – how many times did she patiently unpick my mistakes and encourage me to go on, how wonderful is it that she taught me to knit at all, and how many garments did she make for me?! My favouritest of all was the Starsky cardigan I so craved (even though I was in love with Hutch). What a fiddly pattern it was. It took Mum about a week to finish it.

Until I did it myself I had no idea how marvellous a knitter my mother was and how many thousands of hours it took her to complete the multitude of garments our family had. Shirley took me to ballet classes three times a week – 30 minutes’ drive away – so she stayed with the other ballet Mums and always knitted. When I wasn’t at ballet she knitted also. I had 2 pairs of leg warmers for every day of the week, about 8 wrap-around cardigans, an assortment of jumpers (that’s New Zealand-speak for pullovers)… the list is almost endless.

Happy Birthday dear Mum! I love you, thank you and miss you.



  1. Hey Linda. Congrats on finishing the gorgeous scarf. Knitting is indeed a wonderful thing. Its very meditative methinks. x

  2. Congrats on the garment.Yay! It’s beautiful. Now, what are you going to make next? I tell you, it’s like stepping into another world, knitting. I love it though
    I am such a slow knitter.

    What an impressive array of garments your mother made. Inspiring!

  3. That photo made me laugh out loud. Loved your story. Shirley must have been a very dedicated (and talented) mother. I was so happy to move to the north coast where moths ate all the woolen things and I didn’t have to keep on producing them. Your scarf is a thing of beauty and warmth (now that winter is almost over :~)).

  4. Maybe if you made it a little looser next time James might not go quite so blue in the face…

  5. Hello Miss Karen! Medititave indeed. Which reminds me, I really should do a bit of yog.

    Thank you Nada – any suggestions? The scarf took more than 2 months and it’s just a big rectangle – I started it three times before I got it right. Talk about slow.

    Kathy: hahaha! I can imagine it would become a chore indeed if people expected you to do it. And yes winter is almost over – phew! If I start something now it might just be ready for next winter…

    Anaglyph: yes I didn’t realise that the sporting of said scarf could cause ones eyes to pop out.

  6. We are nominated for a fun award over at Enchanted Yarn and Fiber – http://enchantedyarnandfiber.blogspot.com/2008/03/youre-enchanting-award.html

  7. Hey lidna – Violet Towne says that scarf looks like ‘moss stitch’. Is that right? She is very impressed.

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