No really, the Universe IS against me…

March 8, 2008

The reason for not posting is thus – Lefty the up-until-now faithful laptop died. And very quickly too – suddenly there was no clock, then no battery display, then, well, nothing. Fortunately with all the other bits dying I backed up a while ago, but really!

So meet Floopy – shorter, lighter, faster and with disturbing keyboard changes – I have a pounds sign – £££££ – and a euro sign – €€€€€ – and the apple key no longer has an apple on it.



  1. an excellent choice 🙂

  2. The Apple key has no apple??? Sacrilege!

  3. Why thank you Mr Mark.

    Rev – this is going to shock you more – where the apple used to be, there are three letters – cmd.

  4. [sits down and puts head in hands]


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