March 13, 2008

Oops – almost without our noticing, our blog’s first (or is that second?) birthday is upon us, and (with our noticing) we have been in this country for 366 days now. Insert cliche about time and activities that usually require wings here.

And today’s incredibly weird search engine set of terms that somehow led to our blog is – ‘future keys fat dish’. Huh?

Happy anniversary to us!



  1. A year already. Crikey.

    I bet it’s a lot nicer in temperature there than it is here today. 40C. In Melbourne. It is, needless to say, a record for this time of year. Lot of those kinds of records lately.

  2. Happy Birthday đŸ™‚

    You’ve both been through a lot over there, but you’ve survived and I hope the next year (?) is better.

  3. Rev – urgh indeed. The only thing I don’t miss about lovely Oz is the stinking hotness bit.

    Thank you Eric dear. We have been through a lot – a lot of cheese! Mmmm cheese.

  4. Are you guys big Azis fans? Is he an entity in the UK? On reality shows and the like? He is pretty unknown here. O! I have been such a huge fan for so long.

  5. Speaking of cheese WJ – gorgeous, sweaty cheese…

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