Ol’ Tripey

March 22, 2008

In case any of you our dear friends hadn’t noticed, we’re in old Blighty. Which is famous for tripe. Built on tripe. Tripe and onions, tripe and… um. And you may have noticed we like to explore the fun (and now exotic) bits of the eating experience, willing to do our bit for the nose to tail, so of course tripe it must be in all its forms! And so to Borough Markets, the first stop for any foodie in London. Bloody hell this place is marvellous, in fact the best food market we’ve ever seen, and boy have we seen some beauts – Bangkok – wowzer!; Adelaide – swoon; Prahran – yummy; farmers’ markets at Fox Studios in Sydney – aww (oh how I miss you Toby’s Estate)! Now where was I? Oh yes, heading to the best market in the country for the arguably signaturey dish of the country – after all isn’t tripe and onions why most of you have never even ventured near a piece of delicious cosy stomachio? Even though you’ve never even seen one, let alone tasted it?

But what did we find dear readery friend? NO TRIPE. That’s right. None. In the middle of the most populous city in the most populous country in the UK – no tripe.

I shall elaborate on my theory for this astonishing lack in the next post. Now I’m too weak from lack of innards to do so.



  1. Mmm. Intestines.

  2. How can you have any peasant food when you don’t have any peasants? Too much democracy in London now, that’s your problem.

    San Diego is full of tripe. It’s a staple in Menudo, but when you’ve grown up on Laksa and Pho, Mexican soups are pretty meh. There is a pretty reknowned Mexican soup place near us (La Especiale Norte). I’m too scared to get the Menudo. I gamely agreed to a skewer of chicken hearts in Tokyo but the pasty consistency of giblets it frightens me!

    United has launched a Denver/London direct flight and have a $175 ticket offer. We have to travel before May 15, so we might be seeing you sooner rather than later. Will UK customs let me bring Mexican offal? They do a great chorizo made out of salivary glands.

    /faints at the thought…

  3. Um maybe not salivary glands…
    Yay come visit!

  4. well that ticket offer turns out to be tripe. the restrictions and taxes don’t make it any bargain at all. we’ll come visit in the summer or autumn.

  5. Are you saying you were offered an offal deal? As I liver and breathe! Who are they kiddin’ ‘ey?

    Well we hope to see you over here by St Pancreas as soon as you can stomach the fares and pluck up the courage to face old Blighty. I promise the puns will be better by then!

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