Devon and not cream

April 19, 2008

Just finished listening to the Guardian environment podcast, which has bad news about England – the new government policy is to pour money into nuclear energy and “new coal” and ignore renewables; bad news about bees – apparently there’s a new and bizarre disease called total colony collapse which is just as it sounds and no one has any idea what causes it; and then some good news – there’s a town in Devon called Totnes which has become the world’s first ‘transition town‘ – “a community in a process of imagining and creating a future that addresses the twin challenges of diminishing oil and gas supplies and climate change, and creating the kind of community that we would all want to be part of.” Now that sounds tops to me. And it seems that the Sunshine Coast of all places is aiming to be the number one transition town in Australia. Who’d have thunk it?



  1. Totnes is cool…and yeah, the Sunshine Coast but I think that’s where all the rich hippies have landed, so perhaps not so unusual. After making the bucks, they may have found their conscience šŸ˜‰

    Total colony collapse…decimated bee hives in the US last year…lost of theories no answers. Beekeepers in the US pour mitecides and other chemicals into the hives to prevent disease. Really, what a process! When you combine that with all the government lunacy regarding clean coal (oxymoron?) makes one wonder about the rate of human devolution. Seriously.

  2. Mitecides? Good almighty! And yes, the energy thing is very depressing, except for in Germany. The krauts seem to have it a little bit sorted.

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