The Searchers

May 26, 2008

No, this isn’t a blog about John Ford, John Wayne, or even Vera Miles.

This is a blog to appease the appetites of all those people who come to this blog looking for various flavours of pigeon.

In the last while we’ve had people search for “what do pigeons eat”, “fat pigeons”, “bad things about pigeons”, “good things about pigeons”, “how many pigeons are there in the world?”, “knitted pigeon”, “Starsky cardigan”, “mannikin bird”, “roast pigeon bangkok”, “all kind of pigeons”, “exotic pigeons”, “fat fluffy animals”, “woohoo pigeons”, and, mysteriously, “scoopy pigeon”.

Most of these I can understand, many are highly respectable searches, and some we probably even have useful information about in this blog. But “scoopy pigeon”? Is somebody getting tips and assembling recipes for a roadkill feast? Responsibly taking their pet pigeon for a walk in the park, plastic bag in hand? I don’t get it at all.

fat pigeon

Pigeon searchers, this one’s for you.



  1. Wow. It’s my long lost Scoopy! Come on home boy, come on!

  2. Not much of a homer, eh?

  3. No. Unfortunately Scoopy flew into a wind-farm propeller and has never been the same since. Bloody eco-freaks.

  4. Strangely, when we first found this pigeon it had a note tied to its leg that said “Bird found stunned by wind turbine. Later found astonished by solar panel. Now stopped for snacks, appears to have found new home…”

  5. Yep, that’s Scoopy alright. Keep him away from the sunflower seeds.

  6. http://nationalpigeonday.blogspot.com/

  7. National pigeon day, eh?
    Not a single reference to the passenger pigeon, which surely deserves to be America’s national bird.

  8. ‘The Searchers’ is hilarious. Just wanted to offer a resource for those pigeon fans… http://www.fatpigeons.net/ They should let you send postcards with some of these pictures…

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