July 8, 2009

I doubt many people would have noticed, but we were forced off the internets for most of the last two weeks.

After the first twelve hours outage (and replugging everything, and turning it all off and on again,) I rang Virgin, our current, but soon to be no longer, provider, and of course they asked me to turn everything off then on again, as expected. No dice. Then after examining some chicken entrails, the phone support guy determined that we needed a new cable modem. Fair enough, I thought, the one we’ve got isn’t doing the trick. Three to five working days, I’m told; again, fair enough (sort of.)
Five working days pass, we call again, “where’s the modem?” “What modem? Oh, that modem… that’ll be ten days.” Steam pressure builds in customer – luckily the modem arrived in two. Was plugged in, turned on: nothing. Ring Virgin. “Ah. We’ll have a technician look at that. Give us a couple of days. Later that afternoon, a phone message: “Um, we’re terribly sorry [yeah, right], but that will take 5 days.”

This suddenly becomes too much for Linda, who promptly rang and served them, with extreme prejudice. Some guy at the other end of the line says internet outage? Here you go, all fixed.” And it was.

One bloody button press from ‘turn subscriber’s service off’ to ‘turn subscriber’s service on’ solved the problem, after wasting ten days of our time (and money – we do pay for this ‘service’.

Hello, some other ISP. Virgin, you are truly fucked.



  1. Hear hear! If anyone out there knows of a decent UK ISP company let us know.

  2. Virgin’s fucked, Optus is fucked, Telstra is fucked and pretty much anyone you care to choose is fucked – we have entered the age of ‘Sure we’ll sell you a service that we barely comprehend! Just as long as we can keep ahead of most of you, she’ll be jake, mate!’

    Really – don’t get me started. Every time I ring Telstra lately with a problem (and believe me, I seem to find one in every phone bill) it’s my fault. Until it turns out that it’s their fault…

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