September 19, 2009

National Preparedness Month.

I mean really. It’s been eight years since Pearl Harbour v02, when the second round of evil furriners with aircraft made their presence felt. If you’re not prepared yet…

And a month?

How long does it take to get prepared, when you’ve had eight years’ lead time?

I despair. Especially when I see that they weren’t even prepared to hire a designer to do the logo. And the slogan – I’m having a Seinfeld moment – what’s with that? “Are you prepared or are you prepared?” Huh?

I refer you all to this. Perhaps the most coherent thing to be said on the subject.



  1. From the vagueness of the text (“NPM 2009 will focus on changing perceptions about emergency preparedness and will help Americans understand what it truly means to be Ready”), it almost appears to be a spoof site. Still, you never know. Maybe an attitude of generalised fearfulness is what we all need to get through our lives, thee days 🙂

  2. Reminds me of that old horoscope gag:

    “Be prepared for the unexpected.”

  3. disaster preparedness month is when the kids do their earthquake drills at school. Zara does “duck and cover”.

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