March 13, 2010

It’s been three years.
Today (tonight) is the third anniversary of our arriving in Blighty.
It’s been a good three years, in a lot of ways – more work, more learning, more friends, more – stuff.
We’ve celebrated it with sending off a friend (Australian) back to Oz, to work, strangely, in film sound, then with great food, followed by bad drinks, the last two in peculiarly empty (it’s Friday night in London – everywhere should be packed!) establishments. We’d love to take you all to them. Come and visit!

Still no plans in sight for a trip home – hell, we still haven’t made it past Paris and (in my case) Brussels! There’s so much within easy(ish) reach over here that we should have a gander at before the long haul to our antipodes…



  1. Happy anniversary!

  2. Years in foreign countries have a sneaky way of stretching into decades. . . . .

  3. I want to come visit. But I have no money. Sigh.

  4. (belated) happy anniversary!

    i’ll be looking forward to visiting sometime up to the 24th or 25th of june. 🙂

    • Or the 17th, even, no?

  5. yes, from the 17th now (that i’ve got my ticket booked) until the 25th or 26th, depending on whether i fly to dresden or go by train.

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