another year lover (and what have we done)

December 31, 2010

It’s roughly midway through the NYE whosawhatsit around the world, not quite yet where I am right now though, and I have to say, for the first time in a long time I’ve come into the possession of a little money at post-christmas sales-time. It feels good. I’ve paid last year’s taxes at last. I’ve paid January’s rent. And I’ve bought some new winter-worthy trousers for the first time in four years!

Two pairs, actually, because they were massively discounted, and they’re flannel-lined, and I won’t wear them in summer, so they’ll last me for years. Bargain! Who knew Carnaby Street could be kind to the non-fashionista bargain hunter? Yes, I bought them on Carnaby St, the same street where Jimi Hendrix found the gear that ultimately defined his image, and where the Beatles and well, basically all those famous defining 60s-types bought their look, and where now you can get Adidas’ed or Nike’d or whatever’ed up the wazoo now.

But I’m pretty happy with my trousers, being (as far as I can tell) a commercially tiny-to-nonexistent brand. They’re warm, sturdy, and nicely cut. The pockets are deep enough and don’t appear yet to leak change and keys wherever I sit down (I’m looking at you, other trousers!), and the cut is generous enough not to leak freezing wind up the legs in a sneaky breeze (yes you, other other trousers). Win. A good end to the year, and a warm and happy start to the new.

May all your new years be as fine as a good pair of trousers!




    Hurrah for new, comfortable clothes!!!!!

    May 2011 bring you lots more comfort on all levels, as well as delightful surprises at regular intervals.

    And may you get more good, cold weather to make use of your splendid new trousers. :~)

  2. Happy new year.

    I haven’t seen that email you promised me, with your account details. Let me know how much and make you a xmas present of them 🙂

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