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Eternal vigilance

March 3, 2009

Is eternal vigilance ever going to be enough to combat the horrific admixture of eternal stupidity and eternal malevolence that governments seem to embody?

Just when I hear some potentially good news about the proposed Australian net-nanny, or to be more accurate, slap-you-around-’til-you-(want to)-forget-which-way-you-voted censorship, laws, the UK comes up with another in a long list of terrifying idiocies, Clause 152 of the Coroners and Justice Bill.

In short, it appears that the UK Government is attempting to gain the power to access any information about anyone, from any source, and aggregate it, and be allowed to use it for any purpose. That includes passing it on to private sector bodies doing ‘governmental’ work.

It has been suggested that this is an attempt to overcome the energy crisis with the use of a couple of large magnets and a careful winding of copper wire around George Orwell’s bones.

It may, on the other hand, be that 1984 has turned into more of a blueprint than a cautionary tale.

Either way this has to be one of the most outstandingly egregious grabs for power in any supposedly civilised country.

Here’s an open letter from a number of Britain’s top health officials outlining some of the dangers from their perspective. With any luck, arguments like these will hold some sway. If not, the EU might prove itself useful in helping to shoot this idiocy down – I’ve heard some rumours about the proposed legislation falling foul of EU human rights conventions, which, unless Britain’s considering seceding from the union, should be able to override illegal local policy.

Here’s hoping for the best.