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another year lover (and what have we done)

December 31, 2010

It’s roughly midway through the NYE whosawhatsit around the world, not quite yet where I am right now though, and I have to say, for the first time in a long time I’ve come into the possession of a little money at post-christmas sales-time. It feels good. I’ve paid last year’s taxes at last. I’ve paid January’s rent. And I’ve bought some new winter-worthy trousers for the first time in four years!

Two pairs, actually, because they were massively discounted, and they’re flannel-lined, and I won’t wear them in summer, so they’ll last me for years. Bargain! Who knew Carnaby Street could be kind to the non-fashionista bargain hunter? Yes, I bought them on Carnaby St, the same street where Jimi Hendrix found the gear that ultimately defined his image, and where the Beatles and well, basically all those famous defining 60s-types bought their look, and where now you can get Adidas’ed or Nike’d or whatever’ed up the wazoo now.

But I’m pretty happy with my trousers, being (as far as I can tell) a commercially tiny-to-nonexistent brand. They’re warm, sturdy, and nicely cut. The pockets are deep enough and don’t appear yet to leak change and keys wherever I sit down (I’m looking at you, other trousers!), and the cut is generous enough not to leak freezing wind up the legs in a sneaky breeze (yes you, other other trousers). Win. A good end to the year, and a warm and happy start to the new.

May all your new years be as fine as a good pair of trousers!



March 13, 2010

It’s been three years.
Today (tonight) is the third anniversary of our arriving in Blighty.
It’s been a good three years, in a lot of ways – more work, more learning, more friends, more – stuff.
We’ve celebrated it with sending off a friend (Australian) back to Oz, to work, strangely, in film sound, then with great food, followed by bad drinks, the last two in peculiarly empty (it’s Friday night in London – everywhere should be packed!) establishments. We’d love to take you all to them. Come and visit!

Still no plans in sight for a trip home – hell, we still haven’t made it past Paris and (in my case) Brussels! There’s so much within easy(ish) reach over here that we should have a gander at before the long haul to our antipodes…



July 8, 2009

I doubt many people would have noticed, but we were forced off the internets for most of the last two weeks.

After the first twelve hours outage (and replugging everything, and turning it all off and on again,) I rang Virgin, our current, but soon to be no longer, provider, and of course they asked me to turn everything off then on again, as expected. No dice. Then after examining some chicken entrails, the phone support guy determined that we needed a new cable modem. Fair enough, I thought, the one we’ve got isn’t doing the trick. Three to five working days, I’m told; again, fair enough (sort of.)
Five working days pass, we call again, “where’s the modem?” “What modem? Oh, that modem… that’ll be ten days.” Steam pressure builds in customer – luckily the modem arrived in two. Was plugged in, turned on: nothing. Ring Virgin. “Ah. We’ll have a technician look at that. Give us a couple of days. Later that afternoon, a phone message: “Um, we’re terribly sorry [yeah, right], but that will take 5 days.”

This suddenly becomes too much for Linda, who promptly rang and served them, with extreme prejudice. Some guy at the other end of the line says internet outage? Here you go, all fixed.” And it was.

One bloody button press from ‘turn subscriber’s service off’ to ‘turn subscriber’s service on’ solved the problem, after wasting ten days of our time (and money – we do pay for this ‘service’.

Hello, some other ISP. Virgin, you are truly fucked.


Hmm, a Quote

October 22, 2008

From someone who knew a thing or two about the topic:

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

Benito Mussolini.

I don’t really feel the need to editorialise about this. It just struck me as funny, in a bitter, ironic way.



June 29, 2008

How cool is this machine?

Imagine the culture-jamming potential of projecting images of acne at the Oscars, for example! Not, however, that they’d let a device that looks like this within cooee of anywhere paranoid about security. A makeover to look more mainstream couldn’t be too hard.

I believe the inventor is patenting it as fast as humanly possible to try to stem the obvious possible misuses of it.

It’s kind of a shame it wasn’t invented when most people were shooting film, though.


Ol’ Tripey

March 22, 2008

In case any of you our dear friends hadn’t noticed, we’re in old Blighty. Which is famous for tripe. Built on tripe. Tripe and onions, tripe and… um. And you may have noticed we like to explore the fun (and now exotic) bits of the eating experience, willing to do our bit for the nose to tail, so of course tripe it must be in all its forms! And so to Borough Markets, the first stop for any foodie in London. Bloody hell this place is marvellous, in fact the best food market we’ve ever seen, and boy have we seen some beauts – Bangkok – wowzer!; Adelaide – swoon; Prahran – yummy; farmers’ markets at Fox Studios in Sydney – aww (oh how I miss you Toby’s Estate)! Now where was I? Oh yes, heading to the best market in the country for the arguably signaturey dish of the country – after all isn’t tripe and onions why most of you have never even ventured near a piece of delicious cosy stomachio? Even though you’ve never even seen one, let alone tasted it?

But what did we find dear readery friend? NO TRIPE. That’s right. None. In the middle of the most populous city in the most populous country in the UK – no tripe.

I shall elaborate on my theory for this astonishing lack in the next post. Now I’m too weak from lack of innards to do so.


Scaly! And moist!

February 9, 2008

Sir God David Attenborough has a new series about reptiles – the last of the Life of… ones and he’s so cool that he’s figured out the best way to get it to useless lazy people like me. Watch it on your computer. I was going to add something about you perps in the Antipodes having to wait for it, but if movie release dates are anything to go by you saw this 2 months ago. I heart The Att! We lived close to his brother’s house (I heart de Richatt!) for a couple of months. So we’re famous.

Crocodiles blow bubbles at each other during courtship. And many other gems. As usual.

Next year, being the bicentenary of Darwin doing something, possibly being born, God David is making a series about evolution. Yay!